Guaranteed Annuities

We offer several kinds of Fixed Guaranteed Annuities, NOT to be confused with Variable Annuities, which are NOT offered through this site.


1)    Fixed Annuities:  Offer Guarantees by the carrier, a guaranteed rate of return for a defined period of time, and the option of regular, fixed income payments that you can start, usually after 1 year.

2)     Immediate Annuities:  Purchased with a single payment, an immediate annuity (also known as a "payout" or "income" annuity) can be designed to provide an income stream to an individual that cannot be outlived.

3)    Deferred Annuities:  Purchased with either a single payment or periodic payments, a deferred annuity allows individuals to accumulate retirement assets tax-deferred, and also offers the option to provide income payments at some time in the future. These annuities have become increasingly feature-driven products by adding income and insurance guarantees to protect the accumulated growth of the investment.

Some of the Annuity Companies we work with are:

Additional Annuity information can be found with articles from the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times , and the Wall Street Journal.

Disclaimer: The information published at this web site is not intended to be a recommendation to purchase an annuity. You are strongly urged to consult with financial planning, tax, and legal advisors to determine if an annuity is suitable in your financial situation. Annuities are not deposits of or guaranteed by any bank and are not insured by the FDIC or any other agency of the U.S. government. All annuity guarantees are subject to the financial strength of the insurance company.  More information about Life Company guarantees can be found at The California Insurance Guarantee Association.

The hyperlinks provided are intended for informational purposes only and are not to be interpreted by the recipient as a solicitation or endorsement.


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